We take and manage more photos than ever before with our iPhones and iPads, which requires a new type of app to sift through the avalanche of images. The Best Photo App helps you quickly choose your best photos once, and delete the rest. Otherwise, when you want to share a photo, you're left repeating the internal debate between multiple versions of the same picture.

On your iPhone or iPad, The Best Photo App gives you the power to sort through thousands of photos before you even get home. It's a great way to use the pockets of time that surround an event or vacation. Going through photos will be fun, and in the moment, instead of a chore for later.


side by side

Zoom in on one photo, and it will zoom to the corresponding place in the other photo automatically

Works with photos, Live Photos, and videos (although videos do not support zooming)


Focus on the problem areas

Consecutives is a Smart Search that goes through all your library and pulls out the groups of photos or video that were taken one after another. These may or may not be "similar" images from a data perspective, but those clumps of consecutive photos are often an area that needs the most attention when clearing out your library. Consecutives Smart Search is part of "The Best Features" premium upgrade.


Remember that time you were about to take a group picture, you hit the button, then realize you started taking a video? No one wants these clips in their library. This is where the Accidental Videos Smart Search is super useful. It finds potential culprits throughout your library, and presents them for you easily focus on this problem, and delete the ones you don’t want. Accidental Videos Smart Search is part of "The Best Features" premium upgrade.


Apple's HDR feature can make fantastic images in high contrast situations, but  it also saves the non-HDR version to your photo library. It’s great to have the options, and this smart search makes it easy to go through and pick the best for each.


Duplicates Smart Search combs your library for images that are exactly alike. This can often happen when you import large batches of old photos into your library. If the duplicates are not caught on import, they can propagate across your devices, taking up extra space and cluttering your library.



The best deal.


“The Best Features” - $1.99

- Compare Mode: view photos side by side with fancy, synchronized zooming
- Find Duplicates Smart Search - comb your library for images that are exactly alike
- Consecutives Smart Search - Focus on clumps of similar photos taken together
- Accidental Videos Smart Search - find those videos where you probably meant to take a photo
- View Photo Info: inspect EXIF and other metadata properties on photos and videos

included for FREE:

- Delete and hide many photos at once
- Quickly jump to recent photos, specific years, or albums
- 3D Touch quick actions
- Add to Album: add your photos or videos to new or existing albums
- Simple photo editing and cropping for quick fixes

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